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Hifumiyo Coffee

Breakfast Lunch

HifumiyoCoffee is a small coffee shop in Honmura area.

Hifumiyo Coffee is a small coffee shop right in front of the Art House Project ¨Minamidera¨.
3-minute walk from the ¨Nokyo-mae¨ bus stop of Town-bus.

Hifumiyo Coffee original blended beans are carefully ground one cup at a time,and brewed with an espresso machine.
Espresso made with our special blended beans has a fruity-sweet acidity in mild bitterness,and goes well with milk.

We also have spicy chai latte made with ¨PRANA CHAI¨,and drinks such as hot chocolate.


  Espresso 50 ml          ¥380
      Macchiato                  ¥400
  Americano                 ¥400
      Cafe Latte                 ¥500
      Cappuccino               ¥500
      Flat White                 ¥550
  Cafe Mocha               ¥550

  Chai Latte                 ¥550
      Hot Chocolate          ¥600

      Orange Juice             ¥400


  Change Soy milk     +¥50

  Add Espresso           +¥50


Cafe Latte ¥500


【Open】 8:30 a.m.~12:00 p.m./1:00 p.m.~4:30 p.m.
【Close】 Monday and irregular
【TEL】 +81-50-5883-0679
【Address】 2-729,Honmura,Naoshima-cho,Kagawa-gun
【URL】 https://www.instagram.com/1234_coffee_naoshima/



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