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Latest Information

To all visitors of Naoshima


Many elderly residents live on the islands, but there is not enough medical system as there is in the city.
To prevent the further spread of COVID-19 and ensure you and other visitors can safely enjoy staying here,
we would like to ask for your cooperation as follows.

・Visitors showing signs of illness, difficulty of breathing, strong fatigue, please refrain
from taking a ferry or high speed boat to Naoshima and entering the island.
・Please wear masks, and practice cough etiquette.
・Disinfect your hands at the entrance of the facility and other places where alcohol
disinfectant is available.
・Keep social dis tance at least 1m be tween yourself and others when lining a t the
entrances and ticket counters. And avoid congestion while on the ferry or in the
・Social distancing is required and will be enforced; entry to town bus and art facilities
may be limited.
・Do not touch any of the artworks, including outdoor exhibits.
・Do respect the living spaces of the residents of Naoshima.
・Please cooperate when our staff requested any additional infection control measures.

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