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Gotanji Beach

It’s brown sand beach. Lifeguards are not in this beach. Please swim in your self-responsibility.
The cooking food for yourself is prohibition in the area including BBQ.
There are no campsites, so please stay at “Tsutsuji-so”.

In summer,”Naoshima fire festival” is held around beach. More than 1,800 marine launching fireworks go up, and many people enjoy them.


From the middle of July to the end of August


  • Public restroom, shower (as for the warm water, paid), locker room, footshower, drink vending machine. There are in the “Tsutsuji-so” site.

(Only summer season)

  • Floating island
  • Diving platform
  • Rope indicating the swimming area(Not a shark avoidance net)



Naoshima town office
電話+81-87-892-2020   +81-87-892-3888
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