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Guest House Oomiyake

宮ノ浦エリア 民宿/Home stay

Main guest rooms are Registered Tangible Cultural Property

Without meal

Room charge without meal

▼Main Rooms(Japanese Style)
1-2 PAX JPY16,000 / 3 PAX JPY 20,000 / 4 PAX JPY24,000 /
5 PAX JPY30,000 / 6 PAX JPY34,000
▼Guesthouse(Western-style whole house)
1-2 PAX JPY12,000 / 3 PAX JPY 16,000 / 4 PAX JPY20,000
▼Guest rooms(Western-style apartment)
1-2 PAX JPY12,000 / 3 PAX JPY 12,000 / 4 PAX JPY12,000 /

Guest House Oomiyake. Limited 1 group per a day can appreciate Japanese traditional-style rooms in the historical 400 year old mansion, which is registered by the Japanese government as a cultural property.
Each air-conditioned room comes with a flat-screen TV and a seating area. Guests can choose between apartment-style Western rooms and traditional Japanese rooms.
Wired internet is available for free in public areas.
Breakfast and dinner can be served for a fee, if requested in advance.

Online booking(Booking.com) is here


【Room】 1 Japanese-style room, up to 6 / 1 Western-style apartment, up to 4 / 2 Western-style apartments, up to 4
【Check-in】 3:00p.m.
【Check-out】 10:00a.m.
【Meal】 Opptional (advance reservation is required)
【Bath】 Common batroom/Main House, Private bath&toilet/Apartment
【Equipment and facilities (room)】 (Main rooms) Air-conditioner
(Guesthouse) Flat-screen TV, refrigerator, kitchenette
(Guestrooms) Flat-screen TV, refrigerator, kitchenette
【Closed】 Irregular
【Tel】 +81-87-892-2328
【Fax】 +81-87-892-2328
【Address】 855, Naoshima-cho, Kagawa-gun
【Url】 http://oomiyake.jp/
【Inquiry】 +81-87-892-2328


【Nearby bus stop】 1min.walk from 【Nokyo-mae】


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