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Honmura area

Art House Project

arthonmura-01_enThe Art House Project is an art project underway in Naoshima’s Honmura district. It began in 1998, and presently comprises seven houses.

The Art House Project takes place in empty houses scattered about residential areas, and turns the spaces themselves into works of art, weaving in the history and memories of the period when the houses were homes. Meetings between visitors to the island and the island’s residents in places where they go about their daily lives also provide occasions for a variety of interesting encounters. Shifting its focus from “nature and art” to “people” and conducting its activities in a zone of daily life, the Art House Project continues its growth into a truly organic project that changes day-by-day.

Detailed information

Closed Mondays   ※Open on Mondays for national holidays but closed the next day.
Please check Benesse Art Site Naoshima’s official home page for irregular closeing dates.
Hours 10:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
※Visitors are welcome to view and pray at any time at the main and front shrine areas of Go’o Shrine.
Admission Multi-site Ticket for six sites, excluding Kinza  1,030 yen(JPY 1,050 from October 1st, 2019.)
Single-site Ticket for one site, excluding Kinza  410 yen(JPY 420 from October 1st, 2019.)
(free for children 15 and under)
Admission for Kinza  510 yen(JPY 520 from October 1st, 2019.)

Viewing time 

60min.~90min. (※estimated)
Inquiry +81-(0)87-892-3223 (Benesse House)

Useful information


A Tadao Ando-designed inner space, framed by unadorned concrete walls, infuses new life in this about 100-year-old traditional wooden house in Honmura. Contrasting elements of past/present, wood/concrete, light/shadow overlap in this space which condenses the essence of Tadao Ando’s architecture. Learn about Ando’s work and Naoshima’s history through photographs, sketches, and models, and see how the museum itself has revived this venerable old house.

CLOSED Mondays   ※Open on Mondays for national holidays but closed the next day.
Please check Benesse Art Site Naoshima’s official home page for irregular closeing dates.
HOURS 10:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (Last admittance: 4:00 p.m.)
ADMISSION ¥510 (free for children 15 and under) (JPY 520 from October 1st, 2019.)
※No discounts are offered for groups and holders of Disability Certificates (Physical Disability Certificates,
Rehabilitation Certificates, or Mental Disability Certificates) are not granted free entry.
Viewing TIME 30min.(※estimated)
INQUIRY TEL: +81-(0)87-892-3755 (Fukutake Foundation)  
FAX : +81-(0)87-840-8285

Useful information

  • Information about Architect is here.
  • Information about shop is here.
  • Other useful information is here.


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